How To Choose The Best Baby Beanie? Please Remember This Guideline!
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How To Choose The Best Baby Beanie? Please Remember This Guideline!

Every new mother will have questions about baby beanies when it comes to preparing the daily necessities for her baby:

"Does beanie is essential to my little one?"
The people around you will give you two answers:
Answer one is :It is a need. The baby's skin defense is poor, the ability to adapt to climate air is also poor, and they need beanie protection to prevent cold.
Another answer is:It is not a need because the baby's ability to adapt is not as bad as you imagine, it is not so easy to catch a cold and fever if the baby doesn't wear a beanie, but it is needed when the weather is cold.
All in all, having a beanie for your new baby is necessary.

Why did the baby need to wear a beanie?
Firstly, a newborn's head takes up a quarter of the body's total length, so the head is very large in proportion and easy to injure without protection.
Secondly, the blood vessels of the baby's head are rich, and there is no protection against subcutaneous fat. The heat dissipation is much and fast. The beanie can slow heat dissipation and maintain body temperature stability.
Thirdly, the beanie is good for keeping warm when the temperature is low.
Warm reminder: A suitable beanie is very important for a baby.
The baby wears the beanie for a long time, especially when going out; if the fabric is not breathable, prickly heat grows on the top of the head easily, and the sweat will not evaporate, which can encourage the growth of bacteria and cause the baby head skin infection. If you continue wearing such a bad breathable cap, the situation will worsen. Senseng's beanie is made of combed cotton material, ensuring air permeability, sweat absorption, and protecting skin affinity. The baby is comfortable wearing and does not have to worry about being stuffy.
Every inch of the baby's skin is very delicate, and it is easy to appear red marks if the beanie is too tight, hurting the baby's skin and affecting blood circulation leading to local tissue necrosis. Senseng's beanie uses high-quality spandex, is highly stretchy, and can fit the curve of the head very well, making it more comfortable for the baby.
The beanie needs to be worn repeatedly. If the beanie is prone to pilling, falling ball crumbs will accidentally get into the baby's mouth and eyes. In addition, the color fading is easy to stain the baby, and the pigment may cause skin allergies. Senseng's beanie is an improved version of the compact siro spinning process, which is resistant to pilling, not easily deformed, and can be used repeatedly. Senseng adopts eco-friendly vegetable dyeing and plant dyeing technology, both safe and not easy to fade.

Senseng beanie tips:
1. Choose a soft, skin-friendly beanie. The delicate newborn skin is very picky, and they will cry to express the discomfort of wearing it. Only a soft and delicate wearing experience can make the baby happy to wear it again.
2. Choose a hat with high stretchy fabric. The small head is growing every day, and the comfortable, high stretchy cap can fit the head circumference perfectly and not easily fall off.
3. Choose which hat is not easy to pill, deformation and active printing, and eco-friendly natural dyeing. The baby is more acceptable and safer.

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